Dr. Dax Shepherd & Have The Best Advice for Creating Romance

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No one really has romance figured out. We are all making it up as we go. But some people have figured out ways to make love bloom and grow. Dax Shepherd, shockingly, is one of them. He is so good, in fact, that Ellen Degeneres has started giving him his own segment on her show to answer relationship questions from her studio audience. For the Valentine’s Day edition, Dax answered three important questions:

  • Is man-scaping still a thing?
  • How do you get your significant other “in the mood”?
  • How do you get a guy to pop the question?

Just FYI, this is the guy who asked the question about man-scaping:

Oh, and he was in the audience with his daughters. Yes, daughters, plural.

The best advice of the segment came from Ellen, not the good (fake) doctor. When asked how to get a lady in the mood, Ellen said, “It’s not just when you’re in the mood that you’re affectionate and want to touch her. It’s, every day, just holding her hand, just being affectionate or putting your hand on her…it’s just about being affectionate all the time.”

In short, don’t only be affectionate when you want something from your s/o. Show them how you feel all the time.


That’s pretty good advice for Valentine’s Day.