Dr. Phil Broke Six Ribs Doing Dirt Bike Stunts This Summer

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Dr. Phil never struck me as the kind of guy who hangs out with Hollywood stunt men, popping wheelies on dirt bikes and attempting to out-tough the next guy. But this is 2017–anything is possible. D-Phil does, in fact, hang out with stunt men in his spare time and he did, in fact, pop a wheelie on a dirt bike up his drive way. But DJ Big Philly Style ain’t no match for a 50-foot palm tree. He’s got six broken ribs to prove that.

If you have three broken ribs, doctors diagnose you with lung failure. Mix Master Phil had six broken ribs, a lung contusion, and various other serious problems. The one thing he didn’t have was a video of the accident.

Good thing Notorious PHIL can weave a yarn.