Drew Barrymore’s New Netflix Show Is All About Eating People

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In case you haven’t heard, Drew Barrymore is set to star in a new Netflix show called “Santa Clarita Diet.”

Up until today, I hadn’t heard much about the show, but assumed it would be on-par with the rest of Drew’s work — aka feel-good romantic comedies. But, after watching the first promo… yeah, it’s not what I expected.

The promo starts out looking like any other fad diet commercial. Drew talks about how much weight she’s lost, how happy she is and how much energy she has — and then things take a turn.

Drew reveals that the secret to her dieting success is people. Yup, comsuming human flesh.

Good luck getting this image out of your head.

Oh, and there’s also this other promo that features Drew’s TV husband, Timothy Olyphant, talking about the diet — he may or may not be a fan.

“Santa Clarita Diet” premieres February 3 on Netflix.