Duo Covers 2015’s Biggest Pop Hits in Under Four Minutes and It’s Awesome

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Married duo and Vine superstars Michael and Carissa Alvarado have perfectly captured 2015’s 17 biggest pop hits in a mere three and a half minutes.

The talented singers and mashup masters, famous for their six-second covers on Vine, have recently been working on their new sophomore album as the duo, Us the Duo. While we can’t wait for their next album to come out, we’re sure glad they took some time off to create their second installment of the year’s best in music mashup — they also created a mashup of 2014’s hottest hits.

The original mash-up, featuring only their two voices and a keyboard, showcases this year’s hottest pop songs and ranges from songs by artists like Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber and Drake — it’s amazing.

All hail the year 2015.

Image Source: YouTube