Dustin Lynch Restarted His Instagram From Scratch To Give Fans A Real Look At His Life

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You’ve seen Dustin Lynch onstage with his cowboy hat or in interviews giving basic answers to common questions. But that’s not the real Dustin Lynch. He’s about to re-introduce himself to you in a new web series that goes backstage to see the real man behind the music. And to start, he deleted every picture on his Instagram account and is starting over.

“There’s a disconnect between who I am onstage and who I am when the hats and boots come off because I never put it out there,” Lynch said in his first candid video. That disconnect led to self-doubt and insecurity, which is more common in celebrity that many would think.

To combat that disconnect, Lynch is no longer presenting a polished version of himself, but an honest look at himself–insecurities and all.

“It’s less finished product on the shelf and more, ‘this is how I make music, this is how I put on shows, this is how I deal with relationships or the lack thereof.”

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