16 Wrestling GIFs That Everyone Can Relate to This Easter

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1. When the Easter Egg Hunt is about to begin but you can’t see any eggs and are afraid you won’t find any

2. Joking with your siblings at church like

3. Right after you eat all of your Reese’s eggs

4. When your mom says, “I think you’re too old for an Easter basket.”

5. “Is that the Easter Bunny?”

6. When you get stuck in awkward small talk with people you haven’t seen since high school

7. When the plastic eggs in your easter basket are full of cash

8. The way your pastor gives the altar call at church

9. “Who’s ready for banana pudding?”

10. The way you walk into church when you know your easter clothes are on point

11. When you catch your siblings try to steal your Easter candy

12. When your parent tells you to forgive your sibling for stealing candy

13. When you’re the one who stole the candy but act hurt so your sibling gets in trouble

14. When someone at Easter brunch says, “Leave some food for the rest of us.”

15. When you’re too old for the family easter egg hunt but hear someone say one of the eggs has $50 in it

16. When you are bumped up from the kids table to the adult table at family dinner