Ellen and Producer Andy Went to the Haunted “IT” House and Ellen Didn’t Even Flinch Once


Somewhere in Los Angeles there’s a haunted house based on a house featured in “IT.” Since this “somewhere” happens to be on the same studio lot as “The Ellen Show,” Ellen and her producer Andy had to take a little walk through it.

At least 70 times a year Ellen sends Andy to do something terrible. Sometimes, she sends him to scary places, other times she sends him to test his athletic skills versus Olympic athletes.

Before walking through the house, Ellen reminded Andy that he loves being scared. He just shrugged.

When they finally make it inside the house, a really, really, really annoying girl dressed in a yellow rain jacket said “come on, come on” on repeat, which was scarier and more frustrating than any other part of the house.

Ellen was an A-plus haunted house tourist. She didn’t flinch once.

Andy, of course, screamed multiple times and even threw his flashflight a few times.




Lauren Cowling
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