Ellen DeGeneres Crashing One of Those Jazzy Scooters is Giving Us Life Right Now


You know how everyone has a thing or two that just makes them laugh uncontrollably for no real reason? One of my things is cars, trucks, vans, buses, you name it running over curbs. Nothing makes me laugh harder than a good curb check.

Imagine my delight when Ellen DeGeneres climbed aboard a Rascal/Jazzy scooter and curb checked Producer Andy and part of her set. Sheer joy!

Ellen explained that her finger was hooked into “what makes it go,” as her knee got caught in something, causing her to run over Andy and her set.

She was so confident in the beginning, just wearing those aviators, riding that thing like Jeff Gordon.


And , then, boom.


Ellen was able to control her Rascal/Jazzy when racing Zach Braff, which was not nearly as funny.

Lauren Cowling
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