Five Things We Learned During the AMAs

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Like a lot of people last night, we tuned into the American Music Awards. Mostly because we obviously love American music, but also because some of our favorite country artists were in attendance. This show was a bit different than the CMAs a few weeks ago and we definitely learned a few things.

1. People love Taylor Swift.

T. Swift isn’t just country music’s sweetheart. She’s everyone’s sweetheart. She took home three AMA awards (all voted on by fans), including Artist of the Year. She beat out Justin Timberlake (and a slew of others) for this honor, which is no small feat. We didn’t even know JT was beatable.

2. Boots are for everyone.

We’ve all fallen victim to the, “I could never pull that off…” bug in our ear, but not Ke$ha or any of her (roughly) 200 backup dancers. Ke$ha’s performance of “Timber” with Pitbull features a bit of a country flair with the music itself, but even more so with the outfits. We loved Ke$ha’s boots and know where you can get a pair just like them.

3. Florida Georgia Line is not just a location.

Admittedly, Florida Georgia Line’s, “Cruise” was tough to swallow… at first. But, that’s normal for an old school country fan. However, this song and these guys are the real deal, which was proven when they took home Single of the Year for their hit featuring the world’s most unlikely two-time country collaborator, Nelly.

4. Kittens are really in right meow.

Miley Cyrus, Dolly Parton’s goddaughter, sang her hit, “Wrecking Ball” and featured a giant robotic kitten as her backup singer. It worked as much as it didn’t work.

5.  Luke Bryan can dance.

We like Luke Bryan around here. And he can dance. There are not a lot of country songs you can do a full-on body roll to, but “That’s My Kind of Night” defies the odds and provides a beat everyone can get down to.  He also won Favorite Male Artist-Country.

Around here, we love teachable moments and last night sure had a lot of them.

Image Soure: AP