Florida Georgia Line Red Carpet Looks

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Technically, Florida Georgia Line is still pretty new to this whole country music scene, but you wouldn’t know it by their red carpet looks.

Either this is a “before” picture, or someone’s mama got her way. I can hear her now, “Y’all, it’s national television! Cover up them tattoos!” They both just look so very sweet.

I like to call this look, Brian and Tyler’s Excellent Adventure. I love how they retain their unique styles while achieving the perfect coordination. Like the best family portraits.

Brian clearly stole this scene by combining stonewash, the fly showcasing half-tuck, and what must be the skinniest scarf I’ve ever seen. Hands down, these men have the best accessories in country music.

I’ve just noticed that Tyler seems especially concerned about losing his wallet, perhaps to one of the women mobbing this duo of hotness. 

Scene: Night before the ACMs

Brian: “Wayfarers?”

Tyler: “Dude, what are you smokin’? Aviators!”

I guess now we know who wears the leather pants in this partnership.

See, covered up and buttoned down! Thanks, Mom.

Remember that SNL skit– the wear the two guys dance around New York trying to give women something in a box? All we’re missing is the box. You have to admire men who can pull of fringe and pirate shirts. You just have to.

Image Source: CMA, PR Photos