Are These Kids Sitting On Santa’s Lap Or Getting A Flu Shot?


Santa Claus is a real mixed bag for kids. He brings them presents and fills their stockings, but he also is one of the most terrifying people on the face of the earth. Children cannot stand sitting on his lap. They lose their minds so completely that you cannot tell if they are meeting the holly-jolly spirit of Christmas or getting a shot at the doctor’s office.

Neil Patrick Harris played this game while guest-hosting “Jimmy Kimmel Live” and the audience could not tell between the two. Even when kids were sitting on their parent’s lap next to Santa they freaked out. What is it? The beard? The red jacket?

I guess to a child, the world is a scary, unfamiliar place. Not much changes when you get older, kid.

Jordan Keller
Pop culture junkie and half-hearted foodie.

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