The Iconic “Full House” Home Is Now For Sale (and It’s a Whopping $4 Million)

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It has finally happened folks. The iconic, beloved Tanner family home (that was basically all of America’s home in the ’90s) is up for sale — and it can be yours for a cool $4.15 million!

Insert cringe-face emoji.

While the outside of the house is still recognizable, minus the red door, the inside is totally different than what you’d anticipate — probably because “Full House” was actually shot on a set in Burbank, California.

Where you expect to see that beloved blue checkered couch, you’ll find suave high-backed chairs and Italianate, Victorian architecture.

So fancy.

So, if you want to live-out all of your wildest childhood dreams and basically become the Tanner family, now’s your chance.

Just make sure you invite us over for coffee.