George W. Bush Photobombs A Sideline Reporter, Proves That Presidents are Just Like Us

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George W Bush is living his best life. The former President carries the clout of the most powerful office in the world, spends considerable time working with charities and wounded American soldiers, and (now that he’s out of Washington) doesn’t have to constantly jockey for political position. He has done the most stressful job in the world and now can relax and be himself.

For GWB, that means photobombing sideline reporters at Texas Ranger baseball games. Former Presidents and MLB team owners enjoy photobombing sideline reporters, too! They’re just like us!

Bush’s blink and you miss it moment was punctuated by a loud, “Hey!” We can only assume he was addressing the whole nation saying, “Hello, I see you and I stand with you during this troubling time.” Or something like that. The reporter, Emily Jones, was the consummate professional, not even registering Bush’s shout. She also was good humored about the situation.

If you’re in Arlington, watch out. You never know where George W will appear.