There is a New “Gilmore Girls” Trailer and it Will Make You Scream With Excitement

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Yep, we have more “Gilmore Girls” info about the new series!

The latest “Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life” trailer has been released and I literally screamed at my computer as it played.

It’s more info about the storyline than we’ve seen so far and I’ve never been more excited to see the new episodes.

The theme seems to be that all three Gilmore girls are feeling lost. Emily is struggling after Richard’s death (which, let’s be honest, so am I) and trying to move forward.

Lorelai seems to be in a relationship with Luke (married? not? Can’t tell). We see him in Lorelai’s kitchen scolding Rory for her eating habits (good ole Luke) and walking down the street holding hands with Lore. We also see Lorelai in what appears to be a counselor’s office talking about how she’s happy with Luke but she feels lost as well.

Then there’s Rory, who appears to be home for a visit, as Lorelai offers to take her on the town tour and updates her of the happenings in Stars Hollow. We see Rory in a bunch of different places, saying this is her time to be “rootless.” Emily calls her lifestyle a “vagabond existence” while Lorelai counters that she’s Jack Kerouac-ing it.

Then we see all our favorites are back. Oh, and Kirt is having dinner with the Gilmores? What?

Is it Nov. 25 yet?