7 Reasons Luke Danes of “Gilmore Girls” is Perfect and I’m Still Single

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Luke Danes is perfect.

Even though I was closer to Rory’s age rather than Lorelai’s during the first run of “Gilmore Girls,” I never had the hots for Rory’s boyfriends. In fact, two out of three of them really bugged me. I always had the hots for Luke. Part of that, of course, is because he’s played by the super handsome Scott Patterson. How you doin’, Scott?

But that wasn’t only it. Luke Danes was an amazing character, an outstanding person. When I think about it, he’s the reason that I’m single. Whether it’s consciously or unconsciously, I compare all men to Luke. Because he’s perfect.

7 Reasons Luke Danes of “Gilmore Girls” is Perfect and I’m Still Single:

1. He Was Loyal

Taylor Doose had more than one comment to make about Luke’s loyalty. Particularly, how it annoyed him. Luke opened his diner at the site of his father’s defunct hardware store. Despite adding the essentials, Luke left the hardware store pretty much as it was, evening leaving the “William’s Hardware” sign outside. He kept his father’s boat and attempted to finish it. He took his nephew in when asked. He was loyal to his friends and family.

2. He Was Rory’s Dad

One thing that always irritated me during the series was Rory and Lorelai’s denial of what Luke was: Rory’s adoptive dad. Whether he was dating Lorelai or not made no difference. Luke’s outer dislike for children was all a show. He could say he hated jammy hands but in reality he made every life event in Rory’s childhood and always bought her gifts for holidays. He literally fed her every day. And let’s not even start on the mattress ordeal when he moved her into Yale.

3. He Was the Curmudgeon We All Want to Be

Luke is a grouch. He’s a grump. He’s a lovable curmudgeon. Luke rants are probably my favorite part of “Gilmore Girls.” He says all the things that we want to say. And he can, because he’s fictional.

4. He Fixes Things

You have to love a man who can fix things. But what I really mean by this is that he lives life with the mentality that you fix things when they’re broken, you don’t throw them out and buy something new. Look at his truck, there’s no way he’s trading that in for a new 4×4.

5. He Can Cook

Everyone in Stars Hollow has made a big deal about how good of a cook Luke is, except of course when he’s on the outs with Lorelai and his food suffers. He’s so good, in fact, he’s the only person who can fill in for gourmet chef Sookie during her bedrest. You’ve got to love a man who can cook.

6. He Waited

He waited for Lorelai. He pined and waited. OK, he’s not a monk. He got married. But in all fairness, he thought Lorelai was off the table. He wanted for Lorelai for years before they finally got together. That’s love.