“AGT” Winner Grace VanderWaal Releases Lyric Video for “I Don’t Know My Name”

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Ever since being introduced to Grace VanderWaal during season 11 of “America’s Got Talent,” I’ve been eagerly awaiting a debut album from talented youngster — and it’s finally almost here.

Entitled, Perfectly Imperfect, the 12-year-old singer-songwriter’s debut EP will feature five songs, all penned by Grace herself.

Watch her teaser video below.

In anticipation and celebration of the monumental career moment, Grace has dropped a lyric video for the song that started it all — “I Don’t Know My Name.”

A montage of hand-drawn and fan-created artwork, the lyric video perfectly portrays Grace’s youthfulness and creativity. Backed by her raspy vocals and touching lyrics, the video is a perfect precursor to, what is sure to be, an incredible debut EP.

Excuse me while I listen to this on repeat for the rest of the day.

Perfectly Imperfect is available for pre-order now.