GRAMMY Awards: Highs, Lows and Whats

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Last night’s 56th Annual GRAMMY Awards were… interesting. The year’s largest concert offered up music, fashion and political movements for each and every one of us to enjoy!

High: Taylor Swift’s performance of “All Too Well”

Arguably her most personal song off of “Red” isn’t one I expected her to perform, but she brought in that piano, started growing out her bangs and absolutely killed it. She got a little extreme while throwing her head back excessively, but the death stare she gave the camera/crowd at the end was something I’ve never seen before and I loved it.  Plus, she looked really good.

Low: Taylor Swift’s Dancing

At least she’s always having fun. Or is really good at faking it.

Low: Katy Perry’s Choreography

Note: This is not about the song or Katy Perry, but her choreography and her lack of commitment to it. Please watch the 1:18 mark and  understand.

High: Highway Men Reunion 

Half of the country supergroup of Willie Nelson and Kris Kristofferson were joined by Merle Haggard and Blake Shelton to fill in for Johnny Cash and Waylon Jennings. The best part was the grin on Shelton’s face the whole time. It was like he couldn’t believe who he was on stage playing with.

High/Low: Kacey Musgraves Performance/ Boots

The performance was awesome. Her win for Best Country Album was even better. But, those boots. And that dress. Come on, girl.

Low: Ringo Starr’s Dancing

I know, I know. He is a Beatle and should be untouchable. But, something happened to him when he didn’t have that drum set to hide behind. Yoko Ono’s dancing was pretty special, too.

High: Pharrell’s Hat

Pharrell was one of the big winners of the night, plus he was a presenter and he performed. But, it was hard to focus on anything but that hat. It really grew on me throughout the evening and it’s a high, because it was literally high on his head.

High: Keith Urban’s Performance

“Cop Car” is one of the best songs off of Urban’s newest album and Gary Clark Jr. is incredibly talented. This collaboration was excellent!

What: Large Group Marriage Ceremony Featuring Madonna

Was her cane a prop or a medical necessity? Also, she wore white to all of those weddings. Not even Madonna should be able to get away with that.

What: The Bolo Tie

Spotted this on more than one artist last night and I cannot support this fashion decision on anyone.