Gwen Stefani Learned How To Bake a Pie With Giada De Laurentiis And Now I’m Not Sure Gwen Knows How To Cook

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In case you missed it, Gwen Stefani and Giada De Laurentiis were on Williams Sonoma’s Facebook Live yesterday making a Apple Parmesan Pie, and the whole thing was really intriguing to watch.

Gwen opened up by saying that she’s been watching “this Italian woman” cook on TV forever, so she felt like the whole thing was a dream. In fact, several times throughout the episode, Gwen couldn’t contain her excitement for being next to Giada, baking with her inside of a Williams Sonoma store.

Giada taught Gwen so many things throughout the segment. It was sort of like watching a mother and daughter work together in the kitchen at times– except for when Gwen would stop and say, “I can’t stop freaking out!!” Gwen also shared that Blake Shelton is a really good cook, and when they’re together they sing constantly like they’re in a musical. Now THAT we’d like to see.

I couldn’t help but notice, though, that Gwen seemed to have no idea what to do most of the time. She even had to spend like, 5 minutes taking off all of her rings so she could knead the dough. But I mean, would you cook for yourself if you had Blake Shelton there to do it for you??