Gwen Stefani and Stephen Colbert Argue Over the Correct Spelling of “Bananas”

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I’m sure this isn’t the case for everyone, but I literally learned how to correctly spell “bananas” by listening to Gwen Stefani‘s smash hit “Hollaback Girl.” Up until that point, I mistakenly thought the word contained, like, four too many n’s — thanks Gwen.

But, even after hearing the catchy and educational song, late night host Stephen Colbert apparently still doesn’t have the correct spelling down. In his mind, the word is spelled “bannannas” and no one can tell him he’s wrong.

Recently, the two went to battle over the correct spelling of the word and, honestly, even though I know Gwen’s spelling of the word is very right and Stephen’s is very wrong, I’m not sure who won the argument — Stephen was pretty convincing.