Gwen Stefani Says the Emotions in Her New Video “Used to Love You” Are “Very Real”

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The coaches of “The Voice” took a minute to sit down with “Today” to talk about the success of the show, their personal lives and Gwen Stefani‘s new, emotion song, “Used to Love You,” that is rumored to be about her recent divorce with Gavin Rossdale.

Pharrell Williams, Gwen Stefani, Blake Shelton and Adam Levine recently received the show’s second Emmy Award for Outstanding Reality-Competition Program Primetime. They attribute their success to the amount of fun they have on the show and the amount of satisfaction they get from helping young artists find their voice.

It’s easy to tell that these guys love each other and love doing the show just from watching this interview.

For Stefani, the show isn’t just fun. It’s stimulating  for her musically and it has even given her enough motivation to write her newest record.

“It’s given me so much inspiration,” she said. “I think I wouldn’t even have my new record if it wasn’t for this show. This show is … for me, I think it might be the funnest thing I’ve ever done.”

When asked about the inspiration for her song “Used to Love You,” Stefani didn’t confirm that the song was about her recent divorce, but she did explain the process behind making the emotional video.

“Put me on the spot!” she said. “What I’ll say about that is that I’ve never put a record out where I’m actually going through things in real time…. I wrote that song like a couple weeks ago, and then I sat in front of a camera in a dressing room randomly not making a video, just to do like some video for the screens behind me and it went out and it’s the video and it’s like all very real.”

Image Source: Instagram