Super Smiley 15-Year-Old Took Taylor Swift’s “Blank Space” to A Whole New Place on “The Voice”

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Weirdly, Hanna Eyre was only like, 12 when Taylor Swift’s “Blank Space” actually came out. She literally grew up listening to Swift. And not her old stuff, her new stuff. That’s how young Eyre is.

Eyre’s youthfulness and exuberance stood out during her performance of the mega-hit, so much so that Adam Levine, Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton fought it out over the California native.

Levine beat Shelton to the punch and told Eyre she reminds him of former “The Voice” winner, Danielle Bradbery, which Shelton thanked him.

Shelton also told Eyre, “you’re the kind of artist that gets me excited to be on this show.” Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough. Eyre went with Levine and Team Adam.