Hayden Panettiere Says It’s Hard to Leave Juliette on Set of “Nashville”

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Playing a character like “Nashville“s Juliette Barnes has to be hard.

With her emotional ups and downs, diva-like attitude and explosive temper, having to tap into the mindset is bound to take a toll.


Well, for actor Hayden Panettiere, the character not only takes a toll, but it often hits close to home.

During an interview with Access Hollywood, Hayden revealed that she has a hard time leaving the character on set.

“You have to ride the waves like the character,” she said. “And really, when you’re that close to a character, you feel their pain. And sometimes things hit close to home, and there’s been a lot of that, and it definitely takes it out of you.”

But, even though becoming Juliette is taxing, Hayden is excited to be back on the “Nashville” set.