Houston Astros Fans Defied Gravity to Return a Woman’s Hat During Their World Series Parade and It Was Hilarious and Beautiful

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After winning the 2017 World Series, Houston Astros fans gathered in the city of Houston, Texas for a celebratory parade. Fans filled up the streets, nearby businesses and even parking garages to see the team come by and to take part in the celebration, waving Texas flags and cheering alongside each other.

One woman accidentally dropped her hat from an upper story of the parking garage, which usually would imply that the hat was gone forever and never to be seen again. But the city of Houston rallied together to get it back to the woman by throwing the it back UP the parking garage, story by story. Truth be told, it was probably the most exciting part of the entire celebration. Maybe even better than the win itself.

Luckily for all of us, fans on the street were able to capture the entire event and it truly shows the best of humankind. Also, it kind of makes you question the laws of physics and the rules of gravity, because WOW.

According to CBS Sports, the Astros team returned home from Los Angeles on Thursday, and then on Friday the team celebrated their championship by participating in the parade in downtown Houston.