James Corden’s Latest Masterpiece is Just Him Trolling the Biggest Pop Stars in the World (Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran, and Demi Lovato)


The iHeartRadio Jingle Ball was a who’s who of pop stars– Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran, Sam Smith, Demi Lovato, Niall Horan and Camila Cabella all made appearances during the event at The Forum in Los Angeles. For some reason beyond understanding, the building agreed to let James Corden act as general manager during the event, which allowed him to roam freely around the building and annoy everyone before they took the stage for the evening.

James started the evening by barging into Ed’s dressing room and pretending to be his new security detail. He also gave the singer a new code name, “the gingerbread man.” Ed seemed genuinely surprised by James’ appearance, which made it uncomfortably hilarious.

By the time James moved on to annoying Niall, he just wanted to make sure the singer had all of the things listed in his rider– red apples, throat sweets, coconut water, massage chair and hemorrhoid cream. It was hard to tell if Niall knew he was going to throw that last one in or not.


Demi was definitely the most excited to see James, but she had a lot of trouble learning the secret handshake James was trying to teach her, especially when he kept yelling, “no! You do me from the back!”


Finally, James got the call he was waiting for. It was time to help Taylor prepare for her performance. James was ready to fill-in as a backup dancer and the look New Taylor gave him as soon as he walked into the room might’ve been the most shade the singer’s ever thrown.


Surprisingly, James really nailed Taylor’s choreography, but it’s kind of basic anyone can do it in their car choreography.


By the time James started coaching Taylor and her backup singers on how to harmonize while just singing, “Taylor,” she was done with it. You can almost see her smile, but I’d put her on the short list for an EMMY.


Lauren Cowling
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