Jenna Fischer Set the Record Straight On where Pam From “The Office” Would Be Today


We can’t ever know what happens to our favorite TV characters once the show goes away because, well, they don’t exist. But when you become as attached as we all did to the characters from “The Office”, it’s hard not to wonder what happened in later years. Jenna Fischer has often speculated as to what happened to Pam and, finally set the record straight on her hopes for the love-struck receptionist.

In a red carpet interview for her new show “Splitting Up Together”, Fischer let us know that Pam is going to be just fine. “I like to imagine that she is working in some sort of artistic field continuing her streak of doing murals and being commissioned as an artist…and just enjoying watching their kids grow up together with Jim. I hope they’re really happy.”

What a great answer! It left us satisfied.

There have been rumors that “The Office” may be coming back to TV. None of the cast says they have signed on…yet. Until then, Jenna and Angela will just hang out being real-life friends.

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