Something Happened to Jennifer Garner During the Oscar Ceremony, But WHAT?

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As Jennifer Garner strolled down the red carpet before the 90th Annual Oscars, I literally thought to myself, “she looks amazing!” Garner was rocking a stunning Atelier Versace gown and her long locks looked better than ever before.

Unfortunately, Garner, who was a presenter at the show, will not be remembered for owning the carpet or somewhat announcing a new show with Lena Dunham on the way, but for having an epiphany smack dab during the middle of clapping.

As Common and Andra Day finished their performance of “Stand Up for Something” from “Marshall,” the two encouraged everyone in the audience to get on their and stand for something they believe it. Of course, everyone stood up, but as Garner was standing and clapping she just stopped, as if she realized something for the very first time ever. Or like she forgot something. If you look closely, her seat mate Chris Messina seemed to have spotted something too, but he just looked bewildered.