Jennifer Lawrence Asked Random Tourists on the Street to Name 5 Movies She’s Been In and The Results Were Incredible

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As Jimmy Kimmel takes some time off from his late night TV talk show “Jimmel Kimmel Live,” he lined up a list of who’s who in Hollywood to guest host his show this week.

Actress Jennifer Lawrence took the reigns of the show and it was nothing short of hilarious. The actress, who has starred in several blockbuster films, is so comfortable in front of the camera she deserves to get her own show. I know I’d watch it.

For one part of her hosting duties, JLaw, hit the streets of Hollywood to interview passersby. She asked people what their five favorite Jennifer Lawrence movies where. While many didn’t even know they were talking to the star herself, most couldn’t even name one, let alone five.

Here’s what I would say, “The Hunger Games,” “Joy,” “Passengers,” “Silver Linings Playbook” and “American Hustle.” Pretty easy when you have Google at your finger tips, but if JLaw were standing right in front of you, could you have named 5 of her movies on the spot?

“I’m excited to be hosting a talk show on Hollywood Blvd,” the actress said in her monologue. “I’ve always dreamed of working three doors down from a Wetzel’s Pretzels. I wanted to mingle with some of the locals while I was here in Hollywood so I came up with a simple game. I ran up to people on the street and asked them to name 5 movies I’ve been in. The point was to put them on the spot and humiliate myself and guess what? Both happened.”