Kim Kardashian and Calvin Harris Took a Photo Together and Everyone Is Freaking Out

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In celebration of pop idol, actress, mother, songwriter, philanthropist and ageless beauty Jennifer Lopez‘s birthday, a group of A-list celebrities got together in Las Vegas to dance, eat cake and do the typical celebrity birthday party things.

According to rapper French Montana’s Instagram, a couple of the partygoers included Kim Kardashian West and Calvin Harris.

Now, if you’re unaware (which I highly doubt you are), there’s been a bit of drama surrounding Kim and Taylor Swift at this moment. And you know, Taylor and Calvin just broke up and he totally went on a Twitter rant about her, so this photo can definitely be filed under: interesting.

So, we’re left to wonder what the crew chatted about all night — what I would’ve given to be a fly on the wall.

Despite the drama it looks like the crew had a grand ole time.

Happy birthday, J-Lo!