Jewel Like Never Before on “Jimmy Kimmel Live”

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I was in middle school when Jewel‘s Pieces of You album came out and introduced my friends and I to feelings and emotions (in that order).

“You Were Meant For Me” was always playing in my head as I crushed on this one guy in science class. “Foolish Games” was my theme song after three-way-calling the same boy and hearing him say he wasn’t that into me.

The next day at school I literally wanted to sing You’re always brilliant in the morning / Smoking your cigarettes and talking over coffee / Your philosophies on art, Baroque moved you / You loved Mozart and you’d speak of your loved ones, but I was in middle school.

I was hoping that same boy would be at my 10-year high school reunion, so I could perform an interpretive dance to “Who Will Save Your Soul,” but I guess he got married or something.

I digress.

The point is, I have always thought of Jewel as this serious, emotional, brilliant singer. Always. So, when I saw her on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” performing with Jewel and the Gang singing a medley of hits like “Hollywood Swingin'” “Ladies Night” and “Celebration” I was introduced to a whole new Jewel and I love her even more now.


If this new endeavor works out for Jewel and the Gang they would be the best wedding band in the country.

In case you need to tap into your emotions today, listen to some old school Jewel.


Image Source: Twitter, YouTube