Jewel Performs a Backstreet Boys Classic

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There was a time during my youth that you could not even mention the Backstreet Boys without young girls crying. During that same time period Jewel was also a household name. Jewel’s hits, “You Were Meant for Me” and “Foolish Games” were definitely staples with my junior high friends, but even those multi-platinum singles weren’t as big for me (or anyone) as the Backstreet Boys classic, “I Want It That Way.”

Released in 1999, “I Want It That Way,” reached No. 1 in 25 different countries and still stops me in my tracks when I hear it 16 years later.

You know who else loves this song? Jewel.

Jewel loves it so much she performed it on national TV and “The Josh Wolf Show.” Jewel and Josh dressed up like the Backstreet Boys and even pulled out some dance moves. The harmonies weren’t quite there, but that wasn’t Jewel’s fault.

Just try not to watch the original Backstreet Boys video. You can’t do it. But, why would you want to?

Image Source: Josh Wolf Show, PR Photos