Jimmy Fallon and Blake Lively’s Dance Battle Introduced Us to the Riverdancing Frankenstein Move and We’ll Never Be The Same

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If you attend a lot of weddings, you may know that it’s important to always have a signature dance move available. And your signature move should always have a name. Always. There is no exception to this rule.

Jimmy Fallon knows this, which is why, I think, he started his Dance Battle segment on “The Tonight Show.” Throughout the battles we’ve been introduced to moves like the Mom Tries Hip-Hop, the Double Kayak, and my personal favorite– the Washing Machine on Spin Cycle.

Fallon’s most recent Dance Battle featured Blake Lively, who lately can do no wrong, and we were introduced to some new moves just in time for Fall wedding season.

The classic: Trying To Pretend You Don’t Have a Wedgie

The usual: Catching The Bouquet

The perplexing: Heisman Magician

And the utterly thrilling: Riverdancing Frankenstein

This one will live on for decades and decades.