9 #Badvice Tweets Anyone Who’s Received Bad Advice Can Relate To

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Throughout my lifetime, I’ve gotten more than my fair share of rotten advice — and, unfortunately, I’ve usually followed it.

For example, when I was in eighth grade, my dad totally me it was cool and totally social acceptable to wear band-aids over my zits. So, instead of wearing concealer or simply letting my skin heal, I took his advice. It wasn’t until I went to school with several band-aids on my face that I figured out my dad’s advice wasn’t only bad, but detrimental to my reputation. Now, why my mom didn’t save me from this catastrophe — that’s still a mystery.

In Jimmy Fallon‘s most recent “Hashtags” segment on “The Tonight Show,” the comedian shared nine “#Badvice” tweets that anyone who’s received bad advice can relate to and find hilarious.