Jimmy Kimmel Made Up Names For Jay Z And Beyonce’s Twins And People Loved Them


Celebrities give their children weird names. They have to name their children something flashy and noteworthy, a unique name that stands on it’s own. But it’s gotten a little out of hand, to the point that we will believe people like Jay Z and Beyonce named their twins “Denver” and “Omelette”.

Beyonce and Jay Z recently celebrated the birth of twins, Rumi and Sir Carter. Those aren’t crazy names, but certainly are creative. Jimmy Kimmel took to the streets to have everyday folks congratulate the super couple on their new arrivals, but switched up their names a bit: Landline and Retweet, Bed-Bath and Beyondce, Zumba and Zika, Bong and Blot, etc.

It’s amazing how people just accept that a name could be any random sound or brand name. Welcome to 2017, where everything is weird and names don’t matter.

Saul Dean
Writing from the country. [email protected]

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