Jimmy Kimmel is Back From Paternity Leave and Responded to Being Called ‘An Out-of-Touch Hollywood Elitist Creep’

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Jimmy Kimmel is back from paternity leave and he’s got a lot to say about his newborn son, healthcare in America and New Gingrich.

Last week, after sharing that his newborn son, Billy, was born with a heart problem and underwent emergency surgery, Kimmel also shared his heartfelt and emotional thoughts on children’s healthcare. During that monologue Kimmel also thanked every single person involved in caring for his son.

During his first monologue back, Kimmel responded to being called a, “Hollywood elitist creep” like only he could.

“When I was a kid, we had to drink powdered milk because we couldn’t afford the liquid variety. Our orange juice came frozen out of a can; it would squeeze out. My father, on the rare occasion we took a family trip, would hide our dog in the car and then smuggle it into the motel room to avoid paying a $2 pet fee. So after that, my dream was to become an out-of-touch Hollywood elitist. And I guess it came true. Anyway, I’d like to apologize for saying that children in America should have health care. That was insensitive. It was offensive, and I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me.”

Kimmel also shared that Billy is doing better, “He’s doing very, very well. He’s eating. He is getting bigger. He is sleeping well. He can read now, which they say is unusual for a child his age.”