9 Fashion Rules Every Girl Can Learn From Joanna Gaines

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Fixer Upper” star Joanna Gaines is best known for her uncanny ability to flip a house, home decor tips and store Magnolia Market — but have you ever noticed her style?

Though most people are focused on the stunning style and insight she offers when fixing up the homes on her show, the 38-year-old decorator and TV personality also has enviable personal style.

Defined by cute boots, casual tees and jeans, Joanna’s style is something we hope to replicate.

9 Fashion Rules Every Girl Can Learn From Joanna Gaines:

1. Jean on jean works.

2. You need a signature pair of boots.

3. Mixing and matching fancy and casual pieces can be cool.

4. Overalls are always a good idea.

Not only are they super easy to wear and pair, but they’re risky enough to get you noticed.

5. Casual can look super put together.

6. Plaid is your best friend.

7. Sometime, simple and girly is the way to go.

8. A nice leather jacket always looks good.

9. Your smile is your best asset.