Judge Judy Literally Copied A Scene Out of “Air Bud” To Resolve A Case

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Judge Judy, Queen of the court, putter of people in their places, argument haver, pulled something that has only been seen in children’s movies. There was a dispute in her court over who owned a dog. So, instead of checking social media pictures, veterinary documents, or asking the owners questions, she put the dog in the middle of the courtroom to see who it walked over to.

Judy let the disputed dog loose in the court and it raced to it’s owner. He cried. The defendant said, “Oh, he just does that to everyone.” Sorry lady, this is Judy’s court and she says, “Take the dog and go home.”


The weird part is that his definitely happened in “Air Bud”, fake judge and all. It’s how the dadgum basketball-playing dog movie ended!

Is Judy recreating 90’s movies ending to generate viewers?

JUDY!! WAT R U DOING??!! What’s next? Are you going to recreate the last scene of “Liar Liar”? You gonna go Solomon on us an decide paternity by threatening to cut a baby in half?

Lady, listen, it’s time to hang up the robe. Your finished. G’bye, sorry, g’bye.