I Can’t Stop Watching the Judges’ Reaction to Simone Biles’ “Dancing With the Stars” Elimination

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Just when I start to think I have a little bit of the world figured out, “Dancing With the Stars” eliminates a contestant on a night of competition during which they received two perfect scores.

Yes, for the second time this season a contestant with a perfect score was eliminated. And this time it was America’s most decorated female gymnast of all-time, Simone Biles.

I attempted to look up how all this scoring business works on the world’s most dramatic dance competition, but I got lost in the judges’ reactions to Simone’s untimely departure. Like, I cannot stop watching them.

Have you ever seen a group of reality television judges so mad at the American public?

Len cannot look at anyone and why would he? He will never love again. Carrie Ann is trying to catch her breath after a severe allergic reaction to these results. Julianne is attempting to be chill, but it looks like she just saw that pig’s blood scene from “Carrie” happen on live TV. Bruno looks like he just saw a wreck and is scanning the scene for debris and victims.

This is television gold, but unfortunately it came at a price– Simone’s spot in the finals of “Dancing WIth the Stars.”