Just a Reminder That Taylor Swift Once Played a Murder Victim on “CSI”

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Remember 2009? It was a time before everyone and their mother (and dog) had an iPhone, before Instagram was even a thought and when
Taylor Swift was still an up-and-coming artist in Nashville, not the multimillion dollar pop icon we know her as today.

It also marked the year that Taylor tested out her acting skills by joining the cast of the infamous crime “CSI” as a guest star.

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In this often forgotten acting debut, Taylor, sporting three distinctly different hairstyles, plays the role of a girl named Haley, who, in a series of unfortunate events, gets stabbed and killed by her mother — intense.

Bonus: the episode also features a CSI-exclusive song by Taylor called “You’re Not Sorry,” and it’s just as angst-y and dramatic as you’d expect.