Justin Bieber Shared a Video of Himself Decorating His Tree Shirtless and I Have A Lot of Questions

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I don’t know about you, but when I decorate for Christmas, I like to be comfortable– I’m talking fuzzy socks and sweat pants comfortable. Justin Bieber, however, prefers to decorate his tree in nothing but a pair of khaki slacks.

Justin posted a video to his Instagram showing him decorating his Christmas tree all by himself, shirtless. I do appreciate his festivity and his holiday spirit, but the video raised a lot of questions for me.

Justin, why are you just wearing khaki slacks? Why not something more comfortable?

Do you REALLY keep your ornaments stored in a wicker basket?? That’s so much prettier than my Rubbermaid tubs.

Where’s Selena? Or your mom? Or anyone to help you decorate?

Is “Jingle Bell Rock” your favorite Christmas song?

Is your tree real? If yes, did you cut it down yourself? Shirtless?

Does everyone actually decorate their Christmas trees shirtless and I just didn’t know it?

Are those khaki slacks high-waisted?