Justin Bieber Thinks His New God-Infused Song is Going to Be a Hit

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The 21-year-old pop icon, Justin Bieber, loves Jesus and his new song “All In It” further proves it.

After blatantly saying, “We have the greatest healer of all, and his name is Jesus Christ,” in an interview with Rolling Stone and having an impromptu, seemingly faith-filled breakdown (we’re talking sobs here) on stage at the MTV Awards, he has now incorporated his beliefs into his music — something we’ve never seen from this artist before.

There’s also a bunch of cross-shaped things on his album cover and he has a cross tattoo on his chest and his hands are kind of in a praying position, right?


After, listening to the full album, it seems like a lot of the songs are about Selena Gomez, but that’s a whole separate can of worms. What really caught me off guard about the album was the lyrics of the song “All In It.” After an album chalk full of sick beats, electronic sounds and rap lyrics, this song is completely different. It’s slower, it’s more acoustic and the lyrics seem to go a little deeper into the mind and heart of Bieber.

After singing about dedication, hard work and success, he ends the track with a spoken piece talking about how God never disappoints and deserves recognition.

She going abide (Selena???).

I always felt like I had to be the best at everything,

Cause I just didn’t think I wasn’t good enough,

And maybe if I was good at something that I’d get recognition from that, but,

I quickly found out that I’m not going to get the recognition I wanted or that I needed,

Because because people aren’t perfect.

And when you’re not perfect you can sometimes disappoint people.

And with God,

He’s perfect and he never disappoints,

So I just get my recognition from him,

And give him recognition.

Take a second to listen.

In an interview with Ryan Seacrest, Bieber opened up about the album and specifically about this song.

He said, “I have a song on the album called ‘All In It.’ Don’t do nothing unless your heart’s in it. It’s just vocals and the vocals are so pure because it’s just done with me and a piano and the production was done around that. So when you do it like that, it’s so much more pure because you’re not relying on the production. The production obviously adds something awesome, but if we just took the piano and my vocals, that would be an awesome ballad. So I want to continue to make songs that you strip everything out… just making sure each song, you can strip it down, put instrumentals, and it’s still a bonafide hit.”

Bonafide hit.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Justin Bieber has changed for the better and I, for one, am happy to have him back to the way he was when he came to us in 2008.

Image Source: PR Photos, Instagram