“This Is Us” Star Justin Hartley Tried Out Some Sexy Dance Moves And It Was Great For All The Wrong Reasons

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Justin Hartley has a lot going for him. He is one of the current stars on “This Is Us” and just got engaged to his girlfriend. But there is some bad news: Justin cannot dance. He is the epitome of the “awkward white guy” dance. So Ellen volunteered her resident DJ and dance master tWitch to teach Justin some moves for the first dance at his wedding. It was hilarious.

Justin just learned the basics – those moves you do when you are just hanging on the dance floor. Well, he tried to learn them,. He still has a ways to go.

He learned The Twist

The Lean & Point

And tried to put it all together with his fiancé

But she is not great at dancing either.

Hey, at least they ahve fun together. That’s what really counts.