12 Most Hilarious/Confusing Reviews of Justin Timberlake’s New Song “Filthy”

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As someone who reviews and listens to music for a living, I try really hard to listen to the song multiple times over before truly throwing out my opinion. I’m so glad people on the Internet don’t always hold themselves to that standard because if they did, life would be a lot less entertaining.

Earlier this week, Justin Timberlake told the world he was releasing a new album, that was “inspired by wife, my son, my family and more than any other album I’ve written– where I’m from. It’s personal.” It’s also called Man of the Woods and is supposed to be “American South” music. Some read into that as a country-ish album about his family.

Imagine the surprise so many fans and reviewers got when they heard the single, “Filthy” for the first time. It probably paled in comparison to the sexy robot doing sexy things in the new video for the song.

The lyrics also clearly state– this song is dirty, but in the Christina Aguilera way.

Look, put your filthy hands all over me
And no, this ain’t the clean version
And what you gonna do with all that beast?
When I leave the cage open
Huh, walk to me, uh

All that to say, the mixed reviews on the Internet are just fantastic. And hilarious.


Well, now I’m confused.


Okay, okay. Same. Honestly, same. But, I felt more Bruno Mars than Prince.


Some people just listened and got their things and left.


Better than highkey?


Oh, it’s not that dirty. Or is it? The robot is pretty nas-tay.


At least everyone agrees on this.


Preach! This has to be about a dirty diaper, right?


Okay, right. Not about a diaper.


It’s about the journey, man.


But, is JT the robot?


Sorry for laughing.


I think he’s serious, bro.