Janice Freeman and Katrina Rose Really Battled it Out to “W.O.M.A.N.” on “The Voice” and Just, Wow

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Do not adjust your listening devices, this is an actual note Katrina Rose sang during the most recent battle round of “The Voice.”

Right? I don’t know what note that is or if it’s even really a note, but I know if I tried that or if most people I know tried that it would not work out well and we would not be asked to do it again.

Katrina Rose and Janice Freeman are an unlikely pairing in looks only, because these two vocalists are both packing multiple punches– left hooks, right hooks, uppercuts– all the punches. Coach Miley Cyrus put these two together on Etta James’ “W.O.M.A.N.” because it’s what #TeamMiley is all about this season.

But, really– no one was more impressed with these women more than special mentor Billy Ray Cyrus, even saying, “you two just reminded me of why I love music.”

By the time the performance came around there was barely any air left in the studio, but somehow these two managed to find it and fit it all into their lungs. Normally, songs and performances like this just kind of hurt my ears, but it was kind of incredible to see two vocalists this powerful, with this much confidence and sass come together and not try to out-perform or outshine the other.

In the end, Janice took home a spot on #TeamMiley, but of course– Jennifer Hudson stole away Katrina.