ABC Announces The First Judge of the New “American Idol”

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ABC is charting a bold course in an attempt to lure coveted weeknight crowds away from their competitors. With former “American Idol” stars like Kelly Clarkson jumping over to “The Voice”, ABC needed a big win to to make “American Idol” fans believe their reboot was not only worthwhile, but better than ever. That’s exactly what they got with their new celebrity judge, the first confirmed judge of the new season, Katy Perry.

Fox executives have called the new season of “American Idol,” “extremely fraudulent.” But this announcement says the exact opposite. Nothing screams “legitimacy” like one of the largest pop stars in the world standing behind your show. A lot of the disappointment at the show’s hasty return has quickly shifted to open excitement in the wake of Perry’s announcement.

“American Idol” will premier alongside nine new primetime ABC shows including “The Bachelor Winter Games,” a reboot of 90’s comedy “Roseanne,” and “Dancing with the Stars Junior” which will feature young celebrities and children of stars. Wait, what?

I take back what I said about ABC “charting a bold course.” The only “bold” thing about their lineup is their insistence on giving America shows that have either already been canceled or that no one wants.