[Video] Kelly Clarkson and River Danced to Salt-N-Pepa’s “Push It” and Life is Different and Better Now

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Kelly Clarkson long ago became of America’s greatest living beings, much less nicest celebrity on the Internet. Recently, she told us all about not scheduling sex with her husband and not having any idea what a #squad is, but her most recent piece of perfection comes in the form of some pretty bad dance moves.

Kelly shared a video of herself and daughter River Rose doing some dancing for a good cause, “I’ve been dared by Melissa Peterman to do the Diabetes Dance Dare. So I accepted your challenge — so does River Rose, she’s already ready. She’s prepping, this is her warm-up.”

Kelly challenged the entire cast of “The Voice” to dance next.

As the music started, Kelly also yelled, “this is totally inappropriate for a 2-year-old!” as she encouraged River to shake it.

Thank you for existing, Kelly Clarkson. Thank you.