Kelly Clarkson Says She Feels ‘Gypped’ By That Scene in “The 40-Year-Old Virgin”

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If you’ve ever seen Steve Carell’s movie “The 40-Year-Old Virgin,” you probably remember the chest waxing scene more vividly than you’d like to.

If you haven’t seen it, I’ll give you the Cliff Notes: Steve Carell’s character is, you guessed it, a 40-year-old virgin who is trying to make his way out into the dating world. He goes to get his chest waxed and his chest hair is basically a sweater vest. As the technician begins waxing, he starts blurting out things cope with the pain, one of which is him screaming “KELLY CLARKSON!”

In a recent interview with Willie Geist on “Today,” Kelly said that she feels gypped by that scene.

“I’ve yet to meet Steve Carell, and I want to be like, so was that a compliment? I do feel gypped because I’ve never met him and I’m a huge fan,” she said. “It was kind of a pop culture moment and I haven’t even met him.”

Kelly said she first heard the reference when she was at the movies with some friends watching trailers. “We were sitting down and it was a preview, and it happened and I was like, ‘Did somebody just say my name?'”