7 Really Interesting Things We Learned About Kelly Clarkson During Her Howard Stern Interview

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Maybe Kelly Clarkson really has figured out the meaning of life, like it’s not just the name of her new album. Clarkson’s been the real deal and telling it like it is for years now, but her recent interview with Howard Stern was probably her most revealing and entertaining.

7 Really Interesting Things We Learned About Kelly Clarkson During Her Howard Stern Interview:

1/2. “American Idol” Was Much Different During 2002

Clarkson was the fourth person in line during the Texas auditions of the first season of “American Idol,” and unlike most contestants, she knew who Randy Jackson was because she studied Mariah Carey’s album liner notes growing up. Of course, she knew who Paula Abdul was, but Simon Cowell “was just a dude with an accent.”

During the early days of the show Clarkson revealed that they didn’t even sing in front of a live audience until the Top 5 round– there was just a red light, “We were ghetto ‘Idol’,” she said.

3. Clarkson Did Date Runner-Up Justin Guarini

Clarkson revealed that the two were really good friends and all of the rumors kind of helped them decide to date, but ultimately, “opposites don’t attract.”

4. People Were Really Mean to Clarkson and Guarini

One of the reasons Clarkson and Guarini ended up being so close was because,”I don’t think people realized how mean people were to us.”

“People were mean…people were just pissed because they didn’t know our stories, they just thought it was so easy and we just appeared overnight,” she shared.

5. Clarkson Has Only Watched “From Justin to Kelly” Once

“I didn’t want to do it, one, it wasn’t a good movie and two, I never wanted to be an actress… I literally was in my apartment in Texas, in my closet crying to Simon Fuller because I didn’t want to do that movie,” Clarkson shared.

She also said she’s not a good actress and they shot the entire thing in 28 days and she was terrified it would ruin her career before it even started.

6. Clarkson Got Really Drunk at the Premiere of “From Justin to Kelly”

“I got very drunk at that premiere, I literally ended up in a fountain soaked and I’ve only seen it once.”

7. Avril Lavigne Elbowed Clarkson in the Face at the MTV VMAs Once

Stern, not Clarkson recalled an incident that happened right after she won “Idol,” asking her, “Was it Avril Lavigne who elbowed you in the face?”

It sure was she said, “It was her. But I will say this: Years later I saw her and she said, ‘Oh my gosh, people keep saying I elbowed you in the face and I’m so sorry!’ And I don’t know… she did it… but I don’t know if she felt bad about it, or she didn’t mean to do it, or what… but it felt purposeful! I think what I was bummed about is I’m a fan of hers. I loved her music.”

Lavigne was also one of the writers of Clarkson’s hit “Breakaway.”