Kelly Clarkson’s Daughter Prefers Her Music Over Grandma Reba or Uncle Blake

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Kelly Clarkson, American treasure, a married, mother of four and her two youngest are starting to pick up on the fact that mommy may be a global superstar.

Kelly told “Extra” that her daughter River Rose is starting to pick up on the fact that people are always stopping them for photos. And she really likes it.

She also said that River prefers to listen to mom’s music over anyone else’s– even grandma Reba or Uncle Blake. So, that’s pretty huge.

“Ask them, I don’t know…my 3-year-old is just now trying to figure out what is happening. She does get confused when people stop and want pictures…all she wants to listen to is me. It looks like I’ve brainwashed my child. I try to put other stuff on and she’s like, ‘no!'”