16 Things Kelly Clarkson Did or Said While Watching Herself on “The Voice” For the First Time

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If you didn’t watch the season premiere of “The Voice,” you missed Kelly Clarkson’s debut and the return of Alicia Keys. And while the show was airing on the East Coast, Kelly watched it live on Facebook Live with fans. And man, it was quite a treat. Kelly sang a number of songs, drank a lot of wine, called out Blake Shelton several times, called out herself several times and did some parenting, too.

Again, it was a real treat.

16 Things Kelly Clarkson Did or Said While Watching Herself on “The Voice” For the First Time:

1. Kelly Clarkson has a giant Meryl Streep cutout in her hotel room/apartment.

2. Kelly can sing, “and some cows!” and I’d buy it. Which, she did sing.

3. Brandon Blackstock was a cheerleader. He signed up to hang out with girls in skirts, according to Kelly.

4. River Rose tried to put her princesses in tea and Kelly told her not to do that, because “that’s a weird thing to even have to tell you.”

5. Kelly seemed to have forgotten that Blake got blocked during Justin Kilgore’s audition.

6. Kelly also doesn’t like all the sob stories.

7. Kelly has not put this glass of wine down the whole time.

8. Kelly watches TV very intently, even though she knows what happens.

9. “I’m so annoying!” — Kelly, re: talking about Reba McEntire

10. “There’s mommy’s stripper dance,” Kelly said to River.

11. Kelly wants Meryl Streep’s number if Adam Levine really has it.

12. “You’re dumb.” — Kelly to herself

13. Kelly made fun of country music and said she could “sing about some painted on jeans.”

14. Kelly started reading the Facebook comments and then just said, “I’ve been drinking.”

15. Kelly sang Justin Timberlake’s “Cry Me A River” to Blake. And then said, “he thinks he knows everything.”

16. While watching a preview for the show, Kelly said, “can I just keep my shit together?”

When the show was over, Kelly said she really loves “The Voice,” and then River interrupted her by saying, “I know how a bug rolls.” And then, Kelly said, “Do it! Stick the landing! We’re watching, baby!” Then, she sang Limp Bizkit.