Kelly Clarkson’s BRAND NEW SINGLE

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Kelly Clarkson has finally released a new single. And the world is celebrating.

The new single, “Heartbeat Song” is the first release since Clarkson entered motherhood and it’s the sound of a seasoned artist, reigniting her music with a driving tempo reminiscent of “What Doesn’t Kill You (Stronger).” Clarkson doesn’t have anything to prove with this release, but she does– she can still deliver a strong, fun hook with that same charm that made us all fall in love with her way back when. The break was worth it. “Heartbeat Song” will be yet another hit from one of music’s most endearing voices.

Apparently, Clarkson worked with a brand new producer to help capture her sound on the song… her daughter.

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My new producer #heartbeatsong

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Image Source: @KellyClarkson, YouTube